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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."


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About Michelle - Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary, AB

Throughout Michelle’s life she has been surrounded and influenced by the pursuit of optimal health through both her parent’s wisdom and her own career in athletics. 


She grew up in a very health conscious home, with her father having played professional hockey, and her mother teaching yoga and supporting the family’s day to day health through proper nutrition and herbs. 


Michelle grew up playing competitive soccer, and eventually played at the collegiate level for the Mount Royal Cougars in Alberta. 


During her time as a student and varsity athlete, she was searching for her calling, and after enrolling in a nutrition class, her interest towards naturopathic medicine was piqued. 


Her pursuit of naturopathic medicine came when she realised the impact that she could have on women’s health, particularly on hormonal, fertility, and digestive health.


Since her certification, she has been practising in the Calgary, Alberta area to educate and work with women who are interested in learning more about the root cause of their symptoms, and to improve their hormonal health, manage their stress levels, optimise their digestive health, and so much more.


Today, she continues to play soccer competitively, and enjoys hiking, yoga, running, and training in the gym.

About the Practice and Michelle’s Naturopathic Process

Michelle operates her practice out of Healthflow Naturopathic Clinic in Calgary, Alberta. She offers both in-person consultations, as well as virtual consultations to the residents of Alberta.


Her process focuses on creating protocols that are targeted to the patient’s needs as an individual, as well as having open educational conversations.


By building protocols around the individual, Michelle can create a sustainable plan that supports long term lifestyle and health changes. 


It’s easy to direct people and give them a laundry list of the lifestyle alterations they need to make, but Michelle understands that not one patient is made the same.


For this reason, she creates protocols that align with the patient's schedule and lifestyle so they aren’t overwhelmed. Change is a good thing, but it must be sustainable so the progress you make isn’t lost! 


Michelle’s process includes regular follow-ups to see how patients are adjusting to these new changes, and to see if anything needs to be altered so they can continue to make progress in their health journey.

What Will the First Naturopathic Assessment Be Like?

When you decide to take your first step towards optimising your health, you should be extremely proud of yourself! 


You might have a range of emotions including some anxiety or hesitancy , but you have nothing to worry about because I am here to support you and walk you through your questions and concerns at a pace you feel comfortable with.


In our first meeting together, we’ll take an in-depth look into your health history, your family history, and ask a range of questions spanning from digestion to sleep and stress.


The initial assessment will be thorough, and can be expected to take around 1 hour to complete. This assessment may include a complaint oriented physical exam, lab testing requisitions or recommendations, or potential referrals.


During this time, I want you to get comfortable, and ask any questions that you might have so you can be confident in your decision to start your journey towards a better life!


To learn more about the assessment process and our full list of services, click the link below!


Women's Health •   Hormonal Health  •  Digestive Health  • Stress, Mood and Sleep

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